I was a picky eater as a child. Heck, I was a pure jerk when it came to food. Looking back, I REALLY wish I would have tried harder. I kinda wish my parents did, too, but everyone has a breaking point...and I was a food jerk.

Okay, okay..."picky eater"...

How aboot some tips on making sure your kids don't turn out like me?

Science Says Do THESE, and DON'T Do THAT


  • Eat those veggies yourself. Nagging at your kids to eat them and then not eating them yourself comes across as hypocritical.
  • Bury the veggies in butter or cheese (or ranch, this IS Minnesota). I once scoffed at this. Guess what? Veggies and cheese is still veggies.
  • Keep at it. "Repeated exposure" to vegetables should get them to eventually come around.
  • Get the kids involved in making dinner. Teach them how to cook. Suddenly, they'll (hopefully) want to enjoy the fruits (and veggies!) of their labor!
  • Fancy/fun presentation. Arrange them on a plate to make a smiley face. Try it with your teenager just to piss them off.


  • Make them finish their veggies to get dessert. Long-term, this will just teach them that veggies are bad.


  • Almost all kids like spaghetti, right? Try mincing carrots and mixing them in with the sauce, making sure to let them simmer long enough to not be crunchy anymore. Laugh maniacally while they enjoy their dinner. Don't tell them why.

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