Have you watched the series "Friends," and ever wondered..."Hmmmm..What did I do wrong?"  Have friends from the past disappeared? Have you thought you were really good friends with someone in the office and it turns out they don't feel the same?

Making friends is getting harder and harder for people. Folks in their 20's are among the 'friendliest' people in the world.  They love to make and keep friends by using social media as their connection.

Kelly Cordes/Facebook

Older Americans have a harder time with that. Do you feel like you're doing something wrong? It's more likely that family, marriage, kids and busy lives are in the way. However, if you want to make sure you are doing what it takes to get and keep some new and old friends, here are some tips:


The advice I give my children is the advice I give myself. If you don't smile, then it might look like you don't want to be bothered. Smile at people. Smile at those you walk by; Say hello; I know you don't want to be perceived as fake; but if you are sincere in WANTING someone to smile back at you, you first have to smile at them.


If you invite someone out to a movie or for coffee and they turn you down; try not to take it personally. They probably really do have a lot to do. Look at your life! I've been invited to house parties on Facebook that I KNOW I'll not be able to attend. Schedule a rain check; it might take a few months to get together; but sometimes life is busy.


Do you set standards for your friends? Do they have to be in  a certain 'Circle of Friends?"  Dare I say...You have and will continue to miss out on a lot of interesting lives if you don't expand your possibilities.

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Although is supposed to be really good for us to have close friends, are you ready to be one? Do you have anything to offer someone? Do you want a friend to be YOUR friend, while you aren't really going to be there for them if they need you? Friendships are a lot like relationships...You might get lonely every now and then, but do you have what it takes to maintain a good friendship with someone? Will you make time for them?


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