Growing up in Sauk Rapids was a very unique experience. It's something you had to go through to fully understand it. Here are 24 things only kids who grew up in Sauk Rapids can relate to.

1. You used to get your ice cream and milk from the Sauk Rapids Dairy. They had bubble gum flavored ice cream and a cow on the roof. #HeckToTheYeaaahh

2. You learned about the tornado in 1886 that changed the town's history A MILLION TIMES...and you can recite the story in your sleep.

3. Coborn's video was your jam and you were upset to see it go. Now where are you going to rent 'Dude, Where's My Car'?

4. You used to stop people in the revolving doors at Coborn' were a kid and it was fun.

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5. Spring in school meant walking to nearby neighborhoods and raking their yards...all day with your class. You have a few horror stories you could share from the experience.

6. Your 6th grade Deep Portage trip was a right of passage. You totally flirted with your crush...the whole trip.

7. The playground and Pleasantview Elementary was your jam.

8. You're still salty about the new location of the Sauk Rapids bridge. It's been gone since 2007...but, you sometimes look at the leftover skeleton of a bridge that once was.

9. You've watched the fire works from on the bridge like every year since you've existed.

10. The merry-go-round at Sauk Rapids Lions Park still gives you post traumatic stress.

11. Biking down the hills was the biggest thrill ever. Hopefully your parents had medical insurance.

12. Your elementary or middle school class loved walking to Dairy Queen in the spring.

13. You remember when Hillside housed 4th and 5th was the pre-middle school and Mississippi Heights was a middle school. #GoStorm

14. Taco Johns was your safe space. So delicious.

15. Your middle school and high school al a carte line is brag-worthy. #CurlyFries&CheeseSauce

16. Biking up and down Benton Drive made you feel like an adult.

17. The penny horse ride at Coborn's was your first ride everrr.

18. The hot air balloon water town is the ultimate sign that you're home.

19. Blue and red meant something very specific and important to you in middle school.

20. You secretly wanted to go inside of the Poor Clares's just so mysterious.

21. You know every inch of the Benton County Fairgrounds. You're old friends. Your first roller coaster ride was most definitely the green dragon.

22. When you outgrew the Burger King play area, it was a sad day. No other play area even comes close.

23. The shady geese at Lions Sunset Park are what your nightmares are made of.

24. You lived for food fest. You were always secretly mad at St. Cloud for planning their events the same weekend as Rapids River Days.

What are we missing that you think should be on this list? Comment below!

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