A couple of years ago Buzzfeed published a list of things that Minnesota is famous for. Here are the top-20 things from that list -- and frankly I think we need to throw the ol' 'Minnesota Nice' out the window and do some good old fashioned bragging.

  • The Shopping Mall:  Southdale in Edina was the country's first. And now, the Mall of America. You're welcome world.
  • Scotch Tape:  3M in St. Paul invented. Yes, invented by Minnesotans.
  • Post-It Notes:  See #2.
  • The Miracle On Ice:  A bunch of Minnesota kids (+ a few others) playing for Herb Brooks, their Minnesota coach.
  • Betty Crocker:  No, she's not a real person, but she was born here -- created 1921 by home economist (and Minnesotan) Marjorie Husted.
  • The pacemaker:  Invented in 1957 by Medtronic founder (and Minnesotan) Earl Bakken in his garage.
  • Target:  The first store opened in Roseville in 1962. (Sorry about the data breach.)
  • The Juicy Lucy:  Cheese inside the burger? Born in Minneapolis.
  • The Mayo Clinic:  One of the best in the world. (They can fix you after too many Juicy Lucy's.)
  • Honeycrisp Apples:  Invented at the University of Minnesota.
  • Tonka Trucks:  Invented and continue to be made in Minnetonka.
  • Jessica Biel:  Born in Ely in 1982.
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  • The Mississippi River:  The mighty Mississippi is born at Lake Itasca in Minnesota.
  • Duck Duck Gray Duck:  Far more advanced than Duck Duck Goose.
  • Red Wing Boots:  Been making 'em in Minnesota since 1905.
  • The Coen Brothers:  Grew up in St. Louis Park and made movies like Fargo, O Brother Where Art Thou?, and The Big Lebowski.
  • Best Buy:  Minnesota born in 1983. What would Black Friday be without it?
  • Lucky Charms:  Thanks General Mills (and yes, they are magically delicious).
  • Funfetti:  Didn't want to leave Pillsbury out. Born in Minneapolis in 1872, and makers of this awesome cake mix.
  • Hockey Hair:  What? It's NOT a mullet. It's hockey hair!
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  • Winningest Coach In College Football History:  489 wins for retired Saint John's head coach John Gagliardi.
  • The Toaster:  The first pop-up toaster was invented in 1926 by the McGraw Electric Company -- calling it the Toastmaster.
  • Amy Adams:  Got her acting start at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater.
  • The snowblower:  Invented by Bloomington based Toro in 1961.
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Honorable mention goes to Buffalo Wild Wings, the oxygen mask, Judy Garland, Zubaz, masking tape, Green Giant, Garrison Keilor & A Prairie Home Companion, roller blades, the stapler, Bob Dylan, automatic retractable seat belt, Malt-O-Meal, water skis, F. Scott Fitzgerald, bundt cakes, Schwan's, the snowmobile, Wheaties, the Sleep Number bed, Tater Tot Hotdish, and Prince.

You betcha!

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