When you first start driving things can be difficult, you worry about other drivers, parking between the lines in a parking lot can be intimidating, and the first time you get gas might make your palms sweat. This woman, who is driving a vehicle with Minnesota plates seems to be having a tough time filling her tank...

The video is shared by Janelle & Kate and it shows a woman with Minnesota plates struggling to get gas into her car.

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She starts off by parking 10 feet away from the pumps, then pulls in at an angle blocking other pumps, but still too far for the gas pump handle to reach, she flips the car around and has no luck, she ends up spending several minutes struggling with the pump before an employee, well we think it's an employee, asks her if she needs some help. The woman smiles and lets her know she seems to have it now.

This video has got to be fake right? No one can spend this much time trying to fill up their tank at a gas station. I've ended up parking a little too close to a pump before and had to reposition to open my door, but never in all of my years driving and pumping gas have I ever seen someone struggle as this woman did.

Image Credit: krzysztof hepner viaunsplash
Image Credit: krzysztof hepner viaunsplash

For those that might need the hint as to where the gas tank is on a vehicle, check out your gas tank gauge and look for the little pump and arrow. That arrow points to the side where the fill opening is.

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