Wow, I know we were expecting snow, but I wasn't fully prepared for the amount we seemed to get all at once! So after I took care of our driveway, waiting for the plow to come through, I spent some time online and ran across the most recent Bigfoot/Sasquatch report out of Minnesota, and it was just about 2-3 months ago and it was said to have happened inside Jay Cooke State Park.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website listed Minnesota's most recent report of a sasquatch happening in October of 2022.

Here is what the report states happened on that October evening in Jay Cooke State Park.

This witness was camping in the campground at Jay Cooke the weekend of October 3rd, 2022. She stated that being a single woman camping alone, she was a little fearful, which may have prompted her to have a nightmare that evening that someone was trying to undo the zipper on her tent to gain access.

She stated that she woke up, [and] screamed for them to leave but no one was there. She then checked her phone for the time...3:30 am. After a couple of minutes, still wide awake, she heard 3 very deep, loud, guttural growls. Then approximately 30 seconds later, she heard a distinct wood knock. She knew what the knock was from talking to Don Sherman, and from doing wood knocks herself.

The volume of the growl was described as being louder than the train that goes by the park about 1 mile from the campground. The growls sounded like they came from down by the river gorge which is about 1/4 mile away.

When she woke up after a couple of hours of tossing and turning, she inspected the campsite and noticed a partial hand print on her car door, in a spot that she would not [have] touched.

This report was towards the bottom of another report from the area roughly 5 months earlier, where two people saw something shaking a tree around 8 in the evening.

They were traveling east on Hwy 210, through Jay Cooke, approaching Oldenburg Point. It was approximately 8:00 pm, and they observed the top of a single tree swaying back and forth vigorously.

As they got closer they saw a 7 1/2 to 8-foot-tall creature shaking the tree. She said the tree was approximately +- 8 inches in diameter. Due to the 25 mph speed limit, they were traveling slowly.

The figure was covered with black hair and a massive build. Just as they got beside the creature they saw it turn and walk down the trail and disappear into the woods.

All of these reports are, just reports of what people believe they either saw or heard, and there isn't any judgment here.

To me, it's just fun to believe that there are still unknowns in our seemingly 'certain' world.


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