There are certain things people from St. Cloud never want to hear, or hear again.

Your stoplights take way too long. 

They're on a timer. Hit it right and you won't have an issue.

Val's isn't THAT great. 

Eat the fries at the bottom of the bag and tell me that again with a straight face.

Lake George is tiny. How is it even considered a lake?

Husky Hockey isn't fun to watch.

Did you go to the right place? Herb Brooks National Hockey Center? Do you have a fever, are you feeling OK?


Division isn't that bad to drive on. 

You must've visited in the middle of the day during the work week. A smart choice, but try it again any time after 5:30 pm.

I've been to bigger malls than Crossroads. 

Good for you. But it is a dang good mall, and you won't find another one this awesome within an hour drive any direction.

I don't get the school rivalries.

Tech vs. Apollo. Pick a side, you can't choose both.

What do you mean you drink "hairy buffaloes"?

Go to MC's Dugout in Downtown and ask for a buffalo list. You'll understand. You also might need a ride home afterwards.

What's the deal with St. Cloud Superman?

He stands on the corner by the Dairy Queen on Division and waves a flag. What exactly don't you understand?

Why don't you have a concert venue?

We're working on it. It'll technically be in Waite Park, but close enough.

What is something you shouldn't ever say to someone from St. Cloud? Share it in the comments below!

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