From a certified mechanic to barely being able to do everyday things, life would become very tough. You never think how lucky you are to be able to do what you want to do every day until some terrible accident happens and puts limits on you.

This is what the letter says that got Todd nominated for Opie's Angel Tree.

"Todd has been out of work for five-years now. With little to no income. He was a certified mechanic for 25-years. One day at work he had a heavy piece of equipment fall on him. As a result he has two rods holding his neck to the frame of his body and has severe back pain every day of his life.

For reasons unknown, he has tried and failed several attempts to get social security benefits, hence the little to no income. I have been this man's friend for several years and the last nine-months have had a wonderful relationship with him. He rarely complains, loves his three-daughters and three-grandchildren with all his heart!

It brings me to my knees every time he opens another letter of denial. He just brushes it off and says, "God has his plan". He is humble and proud and a man of great faith. I am not sure what to ask for, except help for him. I seems like I could ask for a roll of quarters to help him do his laundry and he would smile and say, "thank you Lord for this" or 10-thousand-dollars and he would say "thank you Lord for this". It wouldn't matter the amount or the gift, he would thank God. Please help this wonderful, caring human being in anyway the Lord guides you."

Opie's Angels called Todd to grant this wish.