Wendy has a dear friend named Sara. When Opie's Angels couldn't get a hold of Wendy to grant Wendy's wish, Opie's Angels reached out to Wendy's friend who nominated her and Sara tells you the story of why she nominated Wendy.

This is what Sara's letter to Opie's Angels Tree said...

"Wendy is my neighbor. She has four children and a grand child living with her currently, and one that comes and goes. Wendy's youngest, Rayna (who just turned four-years-old in this past September, also had her dad pass away), has Down Syndrome and has been ill a lot and has heart issues and will need open heart surgery, again. She is a beautiful little girl. Wendy is an LPN and had to go to part time because she is attending school to be an RN, to provide better for her family in the future. Wendy has missed a lot of work with Rayna being sick and had to have her eldest daughter and grandchild move in to be able to financially make it. I am sure Christmas is hard for her as a single mom going to school and working part time and putting food on their table. Wendy is a hard working lady who could surly use a Santa."

Opie's Angel Tree talks with Sara and grants a wish for Wendy her family, below.