It is every parents worst fear to have a young child become diagnosed with any form condition. Kathy's son, Brad, and his wife, Kayla, have a very precious 14-month old daughter who has been diagnosed with a rare heart condition and Kathy, along with Brad and Kayla want only the greatest things in life for their daughter and granddaughter.

Today, December 9, 2013... Opie's Angel Tree granted a wish for Kathy and brightened a young couple family's Christmas.

Here is the letter that Kathy wrote to Opie's Angel Tree...

"Mylee is my granddaughter and in June she was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. She went into cardiac arrest and was put on a machine to keep her heart pumping. She has to stay in the hospital at the "U" (University of Minnesota) until she gets a new heart. So for her family, the best thing they need is gift cards for gas and food for all the running to the cities that they do. Thank you for your consideration."

Listen below to here this wonderful wish granted for a very strong 14-month-old baby girl and her family.