Yes, Saturday is April 1st, but this doesn't appear to be a joke. If you are a fan of Rocky Mountain Oysters you are going to be on the road this weekend as one Southern Minnesota bar looks to be serving them up.

A friend of mine indicated that he was interested in attending this event, and knowing my pal Jeff he is serious about attending. Shooters of Wykoff posted the event back in February, and it's gotten some folks excited about it.

By this point, if you don't know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are, I'll tell you, they are bull testicles.

The website Atlas Obscura lists Rocky Mountain Oysters as "having a texture akin to calamari, with a light gamey flavor halfway between chicken and venison."

I'm not one to rock the boat with things I'll try, but I don't think I can get over the fact of WHAT I would be eating. I just don't think I could even try a little bit.

The event is scheduled to kick off at 1pm, I'm sure they'd love to see some new friendly faces down in Wykoff this weekend.

Fun Fact: A pound of Rocky Mountain Oysters will run you 19.99 online. 

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