Has anyone every told you that your breath smells 'fruity?"  Maybe the answer is yes, right after you had a piece of candy, or chewed some fruity smelling gum. But what about other times when you haven't had anything fruity to eat or drink at all? Do people still tell you that your breath smells fruity?

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It sounds like a compliment in a way, but unfortunately, it could be a sign of a pretty serious condition called Hyperglycemia.

My understanding of Hyperglycemia is that it is an elevation in your blood sugar. What causes it? Unfortunately, our American diet and not getting enough activity in your life. I worry about this happening to me or my children.  If you or your family members have not been diagnosed with Hyperglycemia, that's good. It might be a good time to start getting in more activity and changing up some of the typical American diet foods that you've come accustomed to eating.


Some of the warning signs can be:

  • Feeling tired, even when you feel like you just got out of bed.
  • If you have a lot of headaches, this could be part of the problem.
  • If your vision isn't so good, or if it seems cloudy, it's probably a good idea to have your eyes checked and to start paying attention to your eating habits.
  • Are you super thirsty? I mean like really really thirsty? Apparently excessive thirst is a sign of hyperglycemia, and if you are constantly going to the bathroom it also might be a sign.

Stress is a major cause in a lot of things, but Hyperglycemia can also be affected by stress.  Thought I would share what I found with you, and if you have concerns maybe read more about it, or check in with your doctor and share your concerns as the sooner you catch it, the better life you and your kids can have.



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