The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office received this apology letter from a young prank caller who had been making calls to the county's 911 dispatch operators, eventually posting it to their Facebook page.

The author of the letter has been scribbled out, but takes a very apologetic and appreciative tone from top to bottom.

Beltrami Co. Sheriff/Facebook
Beltrami Co. Sheriff/Facebook

Prank calling 911 is a serious matter. We are glad this young caller reviewed their actions and showed remorse for their actions. We've sent them a letter back accepting their apology and made sure to let them know that they are still a friend of ours.

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The Sheriff's Department urges parents talk to children about appropriate 911 use, and reminds us that the cell phone you don't use anymore and hand off to a child as a toy can still call 911 if it can power on.

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