I guess I won't be signing this petition. If you go to, there is a group of people who want to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October every year, rather than having it fall on October 31st.  What is their reasoning?


  • It would be better to celebrate Halloween on a weekend, rather than a weeknight.
  • It would be a safer, longer, stress free celebration.
  • 51% of Millennial's say that Halloween is their favorite holiday, so why squeeze it into a couple hours when you could have fun all day long?


  • It's better to have Halloween on October 31st...because we don't need anymore than a couple hours of cranky kids collecting even more candy.  IF Halloween falls on a weekend occasionally, there's the reason to live it up...ONCE IN A WHILE.
  • It WON'T be safer! Are you kidding? I think it's a lot less likely that people are going to be drinking and driving on a weeknight than if they were on a Weekend evening. Plus...fewer hours of kids out on the streets HAS to equal less accidents!
  • Now I Get it. It's all about Millennial's...And they say Millennial's get what they want. Let's hold off Millie's....You don't need more than a few hours in costume drinking..Please think about what your asking!

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