State Farm Insurance came out with their yearly animal collision statistics findings, and no surprise here, Minnesota is a high risk state.

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes there is a 1 in 64 chance that you will have a collision with a deer or other large animal. The most likely time of year for it to happen is October through December. (My latest deer collision was in June of 2019, so it really can happen anytime.)

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Even with Minnesota being a high risk state, there are certain things we can do to avoid collisions with wildlife.

  • Be Alert - Pay attention to "deer crossing" and "wildlife crossing" signs. They are there for a reason.
  • Use High Beams - They illuminate more of the road, and flickering them at animals can get them to move off the road. Honking the horn can help as well.
  • Don't Swerve - If a collision is unavoidable, don't veer off the road. Slow down as much as you can but keep the car on the tar.
  • Watch for Herds - Growing up in rural Minnesota I always heard deer come in threes. If you see one there is likely to be more.
  • Wear Your Seat Belt - Drive the speed limit and wearing a seat belt. Always.

I myself have had collisions with three deer. Each one I was lucky enough to come out of with minor damage to my vehicle and none to myself. Being alert, wearing a seat belt and practicing safe driving techniques are the best things you can do, whenever you are behind the wheel. Stay safe Minnesota!

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