I was taking a nap yesterday afternoon, when I heard a very strong knock at my door. No one ever knocks on my door!  So I jumped out of bed...Gloria started barking like a crazy woman, and I saw the blue uniform of a police officer standing on my porch.

The Officer told me that it is a St. Cloud City ordinance that you cannot park your car in the grass.  I had no idea!  I never even THOUGHT to look at the city ordinances about parking on your own property.  Yikes.

So...what about parking in the dirt?  Nope. you can't do that either.  What if I put gravel down? Nope! You can't do that either.  Now I see why the previous owner of my house put down some pavings off to one side...it was for parking!

I guess I'm looking someone to pave my yard....or something! Maybe I shouldn't have bought that cabinet yesterday...

The city ordinance says:

"City of St. Cloud Land Development Code requires
the parking on private property be in compliance
with City ordinance. Some rules to keep in mind
when parking on private property

  • You may not park on grass, dirt or gravel.
    All parking within the front yard must be located on
    a driveway or driveway approach and must be an
    improved, all-weather service.
  • Vehicles may not block sidewalks or public streets.
    Parking is permitted within the side and rear yards
    provided that all parking is on an improved,
    all-weather surface and meets the setback
    requirements of the Land Development Code.
    Licensed vehicles that are parked on unimproved surfaces on private property will be issued tickets immediately by Parking Violations. "

I have to say; it is a shock when you see a police officer out your front door; My first thought was; oh my; which kid did what?!  But no...It was all on me.. The officer was awesome. He just gave me a verbal warning, and explained the violation.

So now...I have to figure out where we can park comfortably, without violating city laws. Looks like I'll be hiring someone to pour some concrete!

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