A new pizza joint in St. Cloud opened their doors for business today called "Jet's Pizza".

Matt Fallon

I ran home for lunch today and when I got there, I saw a box on my front step and had no clue what it would be. When I went to see what the box was, it said "Jet's Pizza"... I never heard off it until a box showed up on my step.

Inside was Jet's Pizza's menu and a note letting me know they had opened today in St. Cloud. One different menu item that caught my attention, was the "choose the flavor of your crust" section.
That section listed garlic, butter, cajun, poppy seed and more.

Co-owner Scott Marty sat down and spoke with Ashli Gerdes from our sister station WJON, to learn more about "Jet's Pizza" and hear the audio from Ashli and Scott, click HERE.

As far as my taste buds go, I will be trying the new Jet's Pizza and their flavored crust... it sounds DELICIOUS!