This is one of those "hacks" that actually makes sense.

If you can't get through eating a burger without it bottoming-out and falling onto your lap, then you have problems that require more than a "hack". Eating a burger isn't hard, fella.

Life hacks expert Grant "King of Random" Thompson says that you'd be much better off if you turned that burger frown upside down. Flip thine burger over, good sir/ma'am.


The logic behind this is that the top burger bun is beefier, i.e. thicker and sturdier. And lettuce tends to be towards the top of burger toppings. So flip it over, and you've got a better barrier against soaked buns falling apart.

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This jerk already had his lettuce on the bottom (Getty Images)

So if you're really having issues with a menial task like eating a hamburger, you're in luck. Perhaps stick with hotdogs.

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