Just Dunkin? Dunkin' seems like the wrong word to drop from the name, doesn't it? It doesn't necessarily "flow."  Dunkin' Donuts is considering changing it's name to just Dunkin'.    Don't worry...Your donuts are going anywhere. Apparently they want people to realize they are MORE than just donuts.

First of all...I don't care if they have ANYTHING but donuts. If I'm going to a place called Dunkin'....or Dunkin' Donuts..I"m going there because I'm going for something dunkable...that's either going to be an oreo cookie or a donut.


By the end of 2018, it's not just the name change that they are considering. They are apparently bringing a more modern in store experience to it's new generations of pop up locations, including new menu items that include cold brew and nitro options as well as new mobile drive thru lanes, and a glass case inside that brings the donuts closer to the customer. Although they are removing many items from their menu, donut don't seem to be on the cutlist.


This by the way, is not a 'for sure' thing. The dropping of Donuts is just in a few test markets.

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