Many parents make threats to take away their kid's belonging when they don't behave, but few follow through. This Minnesota mom did, in a BIG way! She's now the meanest mom in the world.

Amy Adams, from Almelund, MN, posted an ad on Craigslist to sell her 15-year old daughter's truck after she failed to meet expectations with her school grades. Apparently he daughter had been given 'another chance', and then he skipped school - so Amy Adams posted the truck for sale.

Her Twin Cities Craigslist ad keeps getting flagged and removed. She assumes it's from her daughter's friends, who obviously don't want her to sell the truck. Amy keeps re-posting it and hopes to sell it soon.

Source: KARE 11

Lesson of the day 1: Don't give a truck to your spoiled 15 year old.
Lesson of the day 2: That loud old rusty truck will likely die before you turn 16 kid.

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