I was scrolling through Criagslist this morning, as one does, and I noticed a category I have never seen before, "lost & found". Immediately I thought of being in elementary school and all of the random things that would find their way into the lost and found in the principal's office. So naturally I had to see what was waiting in the St. Cloud Craigslist lost and found.

Just last week (March 8th), someone lost a unique piece of jewlery in a cemetery in Sauk Rapids:

Unique necklace lost in the cemetery by Mississippi Heights elementary.
2 Bear claws, deer bone beads and a slice of an antler with an image on it on a leather rope. It’s probably not very valuable but was a gift to me.
There were some kids in the cemetery while I was walking so they may have picked it up.

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The closest cemetery to Mississippi Heights Elementary School is the Benton County Cemetery that is located across the street. But that one is also connected to the Trinity Luthern Cemetery, and the poster never specified what area of the cemetery their necklace may have gone missing in.

If you have been in that cemetery in the past week or so and found a truly unique necklace, Craigslist might have just helped you get in contact with the owner. The phone number for contacting the necklace owner from this lost and found post can be found here. Here's to hoping it get's returned to the right person.

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