Sometimes I'm convinced I'm living in a parallel universe. I just woke up one day and nothing makes sense anymore. Of all the dumb things I have seen in my lifetime, this might take the cake.

There is a Craigslist listing out of Minneapolis searching for someone to infect their home with COVID-19. They are even offering payment for it. This listing was originally posted on April 23rd, 2020:

I'll pay $75 for someone with coronavirus to come to my house and infect me. My supervisor says we can't come back to work cause it's too risky but after I have it I'll be good to go. MUST HAVE LAB PAPERS THAT SHOW YOUR INFECTED.

"After I have it I will be good to go".

This isn't the chickenpox. You don't bring your kids around other kids who have it so they get it and it's done. COVID-19 is a very serious illness that is compromising many people's immune systems and taking lives. Entire countries have been shut down because of it. And this person is out here paying real money for his home to be infected.

Please keep washing your hands, staying home, social distancing, and abiding by CDC and government rules and regulations. Stay safe and healthy. And don't pay a stranger to infect you with COVID-19.

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