I spotted the first dandelion of the season growing in the landscaping rocks around my house. I promptly pulled it out, because that is what was drilled into my head. The flowers are pests and unwelcome. But are they really all that bad? Here are a few reasons to let them grow for a while before you treat your yard for them.


1. Dandelions are one of the first sources of pollen for bees - Bees are dying, and now that temps are warmer they will be coming out of the hive in search of pollen, to make honey. Honey they make to eat and live. Let the dandelions in your yard grow so the bees have a better chance!!!

2. They are actually great in salads - Yep. They grow in the backyard for free, are high in fiber, potassium and calcium, and are an awesome addition to a spring time salad. Make sure they haven't been sprayed with chemicals and are cleaned well before consuming of course.

3. The flowers can be turned into wine - No joke. Those bright yellow flowers can be turned into a delicious wine. So if you want to get rid of some, do it this way. Here is how to make the wine. 

4. They attract birds and butterflies - While the dandelions aren't the most beautiful thing to look at in your backyard, they attract pretty things. Goldfinches and house sparrows eat the seeds, and butterflies like the pollen they produce.

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