Have you ever considered the possibility of being a Bee Keeper? Do you find bee's fascinating and want to be a part of the movement to help our bees flourish? Many of us are so afraid of bees that we wouldn't even consider raising them. Learning more about them might change your mind.

Here is your chance to understand Bee Keeping. This online meeting will cover important topics regarding Bee Keeping, including:

  • Equipment needed
  • Costs involved
  • Time investment
  • Advantages of bee keeping

If you've been thinking about becoming a beekeeper, this online session is just for you. The session is free, but you must register to take part in the class.

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If you would like to get registered today, you can call Katie Drewitz at 320.255.6169 Ext.1 or go online by clicking HERE now. IF you would like to attend this workshop, you must be registerd by September 10th.

This is not a "how to" type of class. This class is going to included an online tour of the apiary and where honey is extracted at Sapsucker Farms located at Mora and Pine City. The class will be held Saturday, September 12th beginning at 9:30 am and will last until 11:30 am.

Gary Rueter from the U of M lab, will be conducting this online class.

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