If your sinus' haven't already warned you, it is seasonal allergy time in Central Minnesota. I saw cottonwood fluffs flying through the air yesterday and immediately took a Claritin just to be safe.

The Weather Channel has a handy tool on their website that tracks pollen and how likely people with allergies are to experience symptoms on any given day. The cool thing with this tool is that it tracks the pollen levels for trees, grass, ragweed, mold, and even gives breathing conditions. It is totally customize-able as well, allowing you to select which allergies you have to give you more detailed pollen reports. This service even goes so far as to track allergy reports in the area based on social media posts. So your friend on Facebook that is always complaining about being sick is actually doing everyone a favor. Check it out and bookmark it for yourself here. Chances are good it'll come in pretty handy this month!

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