I've lived in my house in Saint Cloud now for a little over three years. Over that period of time, I've never had this happen until a few weeks ago.

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I turned on the water in my bathroom sink to get ready for work one morning. I noticed this strange smell of gas, that occurred only when I turned on the running water. I thought it was strange, but just went back to getting ready, and thought that maybe it was something with the city water, and assumed that it would be gone in a few days.

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Now weeks later, I still have that same weird gassy smell every time I turn on my bathroom sink.

It doesn't seem to be there when I use the shower in the same bathroom upstairs. I haven't even bothered to check if the smell happens in my bathroom on the lower level of my house, but I haven't noticed it when I'm washing clothes in the basement.

My question: Is this smell something I should address? Is it a dangerous situation? Do I have a gas leak in my house and I just don't know it?

I found this interesting information on smelly water, so before I go worrying about a gas leak in my house, I'm going to see if any of these examples fit my situation.


  • Do the odors occur in all faucets?
  • Do the odors go away after running the water for a few minutes?
  • Does the smell only happen in one room of your home?
  • Does only the hot water smell?
  • Does only the cold water smell?
  • Does both hot and cold water smell?

Finding the answers to these questions can help you discover what your problem is and where it is stemming from.

For all the details click HERE to get answers.


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