We've had a stretch of warmer than normal temperatures in Central Minnesota recently but that is not the case in Alaska.  There is a reason for this according to Meteorologist Megan Mulford from the National Weather Service in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  She says we are in an omega block ridge over much of the central portion of the United States including Minnesota.

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Mulford says there is a trough over the east and the west coasts of shielding it from warmer weather.  She says when Alaska tends to be warmer than normal Minnesota tends to be colder, rainier or snowier.  Anchorage, Alaska received 8.7 inches of snow Monday while Minnesota enjoyed warmer than normal temperatures.

The Old Farmers Almanac predicts the type of winter we'll have each year.  Mulford contends predicting weather that far out just isn't accurate.  She says to say Minnesota will have a cold, snowy winter is vague enough where you can be correct.  An El-Nino winter is expected this year which Mulford says means a more mild winter temperature wise but that doesn't necessarily mean less snow.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Megan Mulford it is available below.



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