It's supposed to be 80 and partly sunny today and yet the National Weather Service is sharing facts about early Winter Weather Advisories in Minnesota.

I was trying to have a pleasant morning scroll through Twitter when this popped up:

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The last thing I want to be thinking about in the middle of August is winter weather. To add salt to the wound, they followed up their "fun fact" with this little nugget of information:

I'm still working on my tan, hanging out at the lake, and trying to make sure my patio tomato doesn't turn into a "sundried" variety. Snow and cold are nowhere on my radar.

The reality of this situation is that fall is just around the corner, and while we have had warmer autumnal seasons recently, the snow and cold are on the horizon. Here's hoping we can hold on to warm sunshine well into November like the last couple of years. I want to spend the first weekend of deer hunting in a t-shirt and jeans.

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