Did you notice the price of gas is climbing, not dropping? Just a couple weeks ago it was $1.40/gallon, and now it's $1.95 per gallon! How high is it supposed to get?

We all know the price of a barrel along with demand helps determine gas prices. That is the most I know about it. I'd really like to know how "demand" changes magically around the holidays, or how the price difference of $4.00 per gallon down to $1.40 per gallon a year later happens.

Experts, who DO know about this gas pricing, said a couple weeks ago that they're expecting the price to drop to under a dollar a gallon. Instead, it's gone up over 50 cents in 2 weeks, and doesn't show any signs of stopping!

Many people just went out and bought gas guzzling vehicles because they could afford the gas finally. Did that attribute to the increase in "demand"? what happens to the economy when people can't afford their gas in their guzzler and end up losing their vehicle?

I sense a conspiracy here...