This morning Pete and I were talking about some of the things we do that totally makes us weird people!

I vacuum my house nearly everyday, I organize my shirts in my closet by color and I am kind of a hypochondriac. I think the hypochondriac thing makes me more weird than some of the other things I do. If I encounter someone who is sick or seems "germy" then I will start to believe I'm catching whatever they have too. One time, I even went to the doctor because I thought I was having a heart attack...It turns out, that it wasn't the case. I also can't pee when I know people are listening to me. I get pee shy...

Pete is the total opposite of a hoarder. He takes the garbage out of the studio a, sometimes it feels like he does it multiple times throughout the day. He also can't stand to have emails in his inbox and can't have clutter at his house. It's weird stuff.

What do you do that you know makes you a a weird human?


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