Trend Watch: 'Baby Heading'
The folks at Buzzfeed are predicting this might be a new thing, which is fine with us. It's hilarious when people's clothes don't fit! Basically, "Baby Heading" is just making a baby's head stick out of grown-up clothes, and then photographing it.
Is ‘Milking’ the New, Weirder ‘Planking’?
We know, you didn't think it would be possible for a meme to be more random than planking, but it's happened. Consider this -- after planking, one is not drenched in approximately a half a gallon of milk. That's the problem you get with "milking," which is basically a person standing in a public place dumping a half gallon of milk on their head while somebody films them.
Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday [VIDEO]
Picture this. You are out for a night on the town. Your friends are with you and the plan is to have a night you'll all talk about forever. Then it happens. That thing that you want to tell everyone about, but no one would believe it. Unless you have a video to prove it happened...
Freaky, Unidentified ‘Monster’ Washes Ashore In New York City [NSFW Photos]
In July of 2008, the carcass of a bloated, chimera-like animal washed ashore in Long Island. The ‘Montauk Monster‘ terrified and fascinated the nation that summer, with zoologists eventually concluding the beast was probably a water-damaged raccoon, rather than some sort of byproduct of a top-secret experiment gone horribly wrong. Four years later, it looks like we have another monster on our hand