Look, I'm all for being adventurous, but I also believe there is a time and place for it - and in my opinion, your wedding is not the time, nor the place. This couple, seems to disagree, considering they took the plunge in more ways than one on their wedding day.

Isn't your wedding day nerve-racking enough with all the pressure and hype? I would think adding a dual base jump to the end of the ceremony would send me over the edge before I got to the edge.

Over the weekend base jumpers flocked to Fayetteville, WV for their annual Bridge Day celebration where the jumpers leap off the New River Bridge. But one couple in particular decided to make the day extra memorable by tying the knot before taking that big leap.

The ceremony was performed on a platform suspended from the bridge. Once it was complete, the couple started their new life as husband and wife by taking the 876 foot plunge... really?! A jump from that height would definitely ruin my hair, and that is not ok.

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