A Minnesota-based brewery took to Instagram this weekend to troll the starting Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Surly Brewing posted a photo of an addressed envelope and a can of Surly Darkness in an effort to get a few laughs and solicit the QB for a visit the next time he is in town. Maybe Aaron sees the humor and will actually stop by.


The post from Surly reads:

We heard you were going on a “Darkness retreat.” We don’t know what that is and have no interest in finding out, but here is some Surly Darkness for your journey.

P.S. If you’re free in early October, stop by Darkness Day at our Minneapolis brewery for the exact opposite of peace, quiet, and solemn reflection. Anthony Barr plays for Dallas now, it’ll be cool.

Surly later commented on the photo, saying that the brewery did indeed send this letter to Lambeau for Aaron, and they would let their fans know if they heard anything back from either Rodgers or someone at Lambeau.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

Aaron Rodgers of course made headlines last week, right before the Super Bowl, when he told Pat McAfee on his radio show that he was going on a 'darkness retreat'.

SBNation's website wrote this about the exchange:

The Packers’ quarterback spoke to Pat McAfee on Tuesday, saying that he isn’t sure about his plans for the future yet — but will be attending a “Darkness Retreat,” where he hopes to gain some insight in sensory deprivation. At that point, presumably, he’ll emerge and tell the world whether he plans to return to the Packers in 2023, retire, or potentially request a trade.

I hope Rodgers takes Surly up on the invite, it would be cool to see him swing by and see the place, but I won't be holding my breath.

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