What. Are. Those.


I was on a grocery run last night at the Coborn's on Pine Cone Road in Sartell and saw shoes that I have never in my life seen before. Grass Flip Flops.

There is plastic grass on the bottom of this shoe to mimic the feeling of walking barefoot. Their tag line is "No watering or mowing required". Because gardening your shoes would be ridiculous.

Isn't the whole point of wearing shoes and sandals to keep your feel off the grass? I have pretty sensitive feet, so I prefer a barrier between myself and the turf. For people who want to be barefoot but still have to comply with society's rules, I guess this is the perfect middle ground.

Like I said, they are at Pine Cone Coborn's in Sartell, so get your grass sandals while you can... Have you seen these crazy shoes anywhere else in the area?

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