If you've visited some of the Holiday Stationstores in the St. Cloud area, you may have noticed that some of the employees are wearing Circle K uniforms, and even some of the cups/products that are being sold feature different names on them. So what gives are area Holiday stores being changed to Circle K's?

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According to PetroPlaza.com back in April of 2022 a rebranding of Holiday Stationstores in Sioux Falls SD was continuing across the Midwest where Holiday Stationstores are popular. The rebrand saw Holiday Stationstores being changed over to the new ownership brand of Circle K.

The rebranding continues after starting in 2020 when the company acquired the brand from I-90 Fuel Services Inc. Alimentation Couche-Tard has decided to rebrand several of its Holiday gas stations and convenience stores into Circle K.

So what's going on here in St. Cloud? The Holiday along Highway 10 has workers wearing Circle K shirts, as the parent company of Circle K bought Holiday in 2017, but many of the area Holiday Stationstores in our area are owned by Coborns (at least according to the Coborns website).

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

I've reached out to Coborn's regarding the uniform changes if More Rewards will still be accepted at the pumps, and any other potential changes that may be coming.

Dennis Host, Senior Vice President/Marketing and Communications did reply in regards to the uniform changes, More Rewards, and if the stores are being sold.

Coborn’s, Inc. currently operates 14 Holiday Stationstore franchises in central Minnesota.  We have agreed to sell those to Holiday.  We will continue to focus our operations on our grocery stores, liquor stores, pharmacies, and the on-campus fuel stations we operate that are not franchised.

Yes, Holiday will continue to accept and redeem MORE Fuel Rewards at these locations. 

Any other potential changes within the locations will be based on Holiday’s playbook for their convenience/fuel centers.

So it seems like there won't be a name change, just a change to what the people working inside the stores are wearing, and who will be employing them.

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