I know, that's a confusing headline but just let me explain quick. A new study out of the Netherlands found that when some people hear different vowels being said, our brains associate them with a color.

1.  A sounds like red, pink, or orange.

2.  E sounds like green and orange.

3.  I sounds like green and yellow.

4.  O sounds like blue and purple.

5.  U sounds like blue or red.


If we look at "Minnesota" we have an i, e, o, and a. What color does that make us? I see it as a sunset over a lake. It starts with a greenish yellow, then blends to a greenish orange. When we arrive at the purple/blue "o" sound that would be the water of the lake, and the "a" at the end is the glowing red/pink/orange setting sun. Gorgeous.

You can read more about the study done on vowel colors here, and if you pick apart your own name to find it's color send it to us in the chat portion of our mobile app! 

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