This has been a debate over the last few years.  Do we really need to change the clocks twice a year.  There are a couple of states that don't go along with that.  Arizona is one of them and the other one is Hawaii... duh.

Is this change really necessary?  We should just stay in the Daylight Saving Time always.  When we "spring forward" and we lose an hour, is this really something that we need to continue to do?

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The whole purpose of DST is to take advantage of as much sunlight as possible during the day.  You essentially move the morning hour to the evening.  The close to the equator you get, the more daylight and nighttime are about equal time.  And that is very evident if you travel to those places; it seems like there is not much of a sunset.  It lasts for like 10 minutes and it's over.  It's very strange.

Last year there was a lot of discussion about making Daylight Saving Time permanent.  Apparently most people in Minnesota would rather keep one time all year long.  Does it really help to keep switching back and forth?  MN State Rep Mike Frieberg introduced a bill last year to make the time permanent.  We haven't heard much about it since. So, as it stands, we will be changing the clocks ahead on Sunday, March 13th.  But will be change them back again in November?  Probably, unless someone decides that we don't need to.  One can hope.

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