About 3-4 years ago, I was in a hurry; running from one studio to another; trying to get everything done in a short period of time so I could make it on air for my second show of the day. I stepped outside of my normal routine and shoved my phone in my back pocket; I then proceeded to run from studio to studio finishing up work so that I could get my second show of the day started; but wait! I have to make time to go to the bathroom!

I rush in to the bathroom, get ready to be 'seated' on the throne, and out pops my cellphone...into the toilet it goes. I stare at it. It cries for help. I reluctantly reach into the thankfully clean water and scoop it out. I try to resuscitate. Failure. My Android is gone...just like that. $300 later, and a new 2 year contract, I come home with a brand new Iphone 6.


Same scenario. I'm trying to finish up my morning show; an unexpected desperate call comes from our production team. They need me to cut a commercial before I begin my second show; AGAIN! Hurrying to meet the demands of everyone, I go out of character and put my phone in my back pocket; I gather my other belongings, and head to studio two.

Once Completed I rush to the bathroom so I can start my second show of the day. The exact same bathroom; the exact same toilet. I'm ready to be 'seated' as my phone once again takes a dive into the clear waters. This time; I'm very familiar with the sound. With no hesitation I scream..."NO!" I turn around and scoop up my phone. It's still working! It's still working!  It''s's gone.


I head to the store. Yep. Phones out of contract. Phone insurance no longer active. After a few changes to my phone plan, I walk out with a brand new Iphone 8. I drop a few things of my existing plan, change it to unlimited, and end up paying just a couple more dollars a month than I've been paying for the past two years.


Next time I'm rushed, NEVER NEVER NEVER put my phone in my back pocket. Slow down. Things can wait. I can't believe I've made the same exact mistake 3 years

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