What does a Viking fan do when the rival is heading to the championship game? Most of us hate the Packers, so we asked if you support them, and the results are stunning!

We bleed purple and gold, so it’s difficult seeing our rival taking it all the way to the end. A ton of Vikings fans watched the Packers/Cowboys game yesterday (Sunday), but did you root for the Cowboys to win, or the Packers? It’s a confusing question.

Personally I decided to be siding more on the Packers winning since I have friends who are Packer fans and feel good for them. I mean, our Vikings are out so why not wish the best for the Packers, right?

Apparently not everybody feels the same way. Here's how the poll results ended up over the last 24 hours:

What's your opinion on supporting the Packers?

59.15% - I will never support the Packers, and root for whoever they're playing!
23.94% - Yes, they're our neighbor and we'll wish them the best!
16.9% - I'm a Packer fan so obviously I support them!

Well I guess I won't be wishing the Packers "good luck" on Sunday afternoon against the Falcons...unless I want to get hunted down!

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