The Paramount Center for the Arts in downtown St. Cloud is unveiling a sculpture this Thursday evening, July 15th at 8 pm to celebrate the Paramount's 100th Anniversary.

Jule's Bistro will be helping them in the celebration by taking reserved seating reservations outside the Paramount. They will also have live music on hand to help celebrate the event beginning at 6:30. The sidewalk celebration will feature music from Maryann & The Money Makers; a group from the Twin Cities that feature Clarinet and Saxophone, Vocals and guitar jazz music.

I visited the Paramount's Facebook page to see if I could catch a glimpse of what the sculpture will look like, but I was unable to find any more information. It is going to be a mystery until the unveiling at 8 pm on Thursday.

However, I did read this information on their Facebook page:

"So how will this sculpture, this blithe expedition- spice up our lives and spur coalition? Well it's easy when depictions are clear and so obvious-not one of us will NOT know what's standing in front of us.  I get it! They whispered, having solved it communally- I've held one; we all have- Was this art shaped FOR me?"


The steel sculpture which has been created by Karl Unnasch, will be unveiled in a ceremony that begins at 8 pm. Artists Mary Bruno and Sam Spiczka are contributing Artists as well.

Call to make reservations at 320.252.7125.

Music and Dining: 6:30-7:45pm
Ceremony: 8 pm
More music after the ceremony



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