It's not alcoholism if it's festive, right?**

One thing I like about scotch (my current scotch 'jam' is John Barr) is that it's always least it is to me. I suppose that goes for most everyone's liquid sin of choice.

With Christmas (and all the stress and anxiety that goes with it) bearing down on us, it's prime fancy-drinking season! Here are some drinks to consider if you're in need of some boozing variety.

Top Ten Boozy Christmas Drinks

#1: Eggnog
- Some think it's gross, others consider it a right-of-passage to Christmas. Of course, its popularity has a lot to do with its versatility: it can be booze-free (but why?), it can be pancakes (but why not?), or it can be its consumed in all of its full-booze glory. With nutmeg.

#2: Irish Coffee
- You take coffee, and forgo regular creamer for Irish Creme. Delish and festive, but still looked down upon at work

#3: Christmas Beer
- Winter lagers, gingerbread beers, etc. If all else fails: Guinness.

#4: Cider
- Technically, it can be booze-free, too.

#5: Hot Buttered Rum
- take rum, heat it up, add butter and cider, spice it as you please, get your Christmaswerve on!

#6: Hot Toddy
- The Scots just call it Hot Whisky. Take whiskey, heat it, add honey and spices, and enjoy!

#7: Mulled Wine
- Mull it over, if you'd like. It's kinda like a Hot Toddy, but with wine.

#8: Tom and Jerry
- Not the cat and mouse cartoon, but the drink. Drink it while watching Tom and Jerry cartoons! It's essentially eggnog with rum AND brandy mixed in.

#9: Wassail
- You've heard it in Christmas carols, but what is it? It's mulled cider.

#10: Glogg
- Sounds Irish. WRONG. It's Swedish! Wine, whiskey, rum, and cinnamon (plus additional variations). Drink it down and not wake up until February!

What's YOUR favorite holiday libation?
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** it still is

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