I'm all about the frugal. I'm even all-er about the frugal booze!

Don't get me wrong: I love well-crafted beer and whiskey. But sometimes, you've gotsta get a buzz at minimal cost. And with the holidays upon us and your booze-loving family on its way, you've gotta plan ahead to assure that annual drunken fight at the dinner table.

Let's make our own candy-flavored vodka!

You don't have to be at the mercy of your liquor store for getting great decent good-enough-tasting hooch. All you need is the cheapest (or splurge and get the second- or third-cheapest) vodka and hard candy.

On its own, super-cheap vodka usually tastes like turpentine soaked in hot garbage. Will it get you buzzed? Yes. Will it kill you? Likely.


- take your vodka
- open your vodka
- drop as many candies as you can into the vodka
- close your vodka
- give the candy a few days to un-garbage the flavor of your vodka
- enjoy-ish your vodka
- HOT TIP: if you have a pitcher with a water filter, pour the vodka through this once or twice. Probably should've put this at the top of the list, but here we are.

Obviously, you'll need to plan ahead a few days to make this happen. If you can, you'll have yourself some not-completely-terrible-tasting booze for next weekend!

H/T: Parenting (yes, this came from a Parenting website)

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