This morning I was able to attend our very first Tractor Day at Milaca High School. It was such a success that the superintendent showed up driving his own classic tractor!

Tractor Day at Milaca High School has been going on for many years, but this was our first year to attend. We've been to Foley and Sauk Rapids-Rice in years past, but never knew Milaca held a Tractor Day.

Last year a student emailed me and asked why we didn't come to Milaca. This was just after we aired our videos on the other school's days. I felt bad, but we honestly didn't know anything about it. This student told me we had better show up this year and I made sure to contact the school early to find out when it was being held.

I sure am glad I made that phone call. The students that showed up this morning were all excited to show off their tractors. From those just pulled out of the fields, to show tractors that have been meticulously restored, to lawn tractors and custom built motor bikes, we had a little bit of everything this morning.

Abby, our videographer, and I got a chuckle as we overheard a few students saying, "If they are with the radio station, why is there a video camera?" Well, this is why - our video coverage of Milaca High School Tractor Day! Enjoy and thank you Milaca High for a great Tractor Day! We'll see you again next year!