Each year Sauk Rapids-Rice High, Foley High and Milaca High allow their students to drive their tractors to school and those tractor days are right around the corner.

Last year our videographer, Abby, and I visited Sauk Rapids and Foley for their tractor days. This year we will be hitting the streets again and visiting with Sauk Rapids-Rice, Foley and Milaca!

Sauk Rapids-Rice is the first one. Students will be driving their tractors this Friday. Some students will be coming from Rice and may be on the road as early as 6am to get to school on time. If you travel around this school district, make sure you are courteous to the kids as they make their way to school.

Milaca Tractor Day will be Wednesday, May 23. This will be our first year to visit with Milaca and we can't wait. I hope to see a ton of tractors at Milaca High on the 23rd! Again, if you travel in these areas, don't be surprised if you end up behind a tractor on your way to work, or on the way home.

Foley Tractor Day will be on Friday, May 25 and this will be the third year I've visited with the students there. Last year we had a ton of tractors and even a combine show up. I expect a great turnout in Foley again this year.

Just make a mental note of these dates and don't get angry at the guy or girl on the tractor. Be patient on your commute and don't give any rude gestures please.