Last week we visited Sauk Rapids High for their Tractor Day. This week was Foley's turn. Each year, Foley High lets their students drive their tractors to school for one day - usually the last day for Seniors. This tradition started many years ago and no one I spoke to could tell me the original origin of it - it's like Santa Claus, no one really knows where it started, but it's a tradition that continues today.

Our videographer Abby and I arrived at 7am and soon after the tractors came pouring in from every direction. We had small garden tractors, we had huge land moving tractors and we even had - for the first time we think EVER - a combine pull onto the lot.

As the morning progressed, we ended up getting a tractor with a wagon complete with couches, recliners and blankets full of Foley High Girls. A few minutes later, another tractor/wagon combo pulled in and this one was loaded for battle. A couple of tubs of water balloons, a launching device and some excited teenagers turned the parking lot into a bombing zone by 7:30. I had to duck and run a couple of times to keep from getting hit by these balloons.

The next thing we know there are water balloons flying from both sides of the parking lot in an all out war with water! Keep in mind that this morning it was about 50 degrees outside, those water balloons were COLD!

The seniors were called over to the combine for a senior picture around 7:45 and while they were posing a barrage of water balloons came flying at them and anyone standing within 10 feet of this massive piece of equipment. After that, the kids took a ride on the launching wagon around the parking lot making sure they soaked anyone they could. Another quick duck behind the combine kept Abby and me dry once more!

By 8am 40 tractors had parked in the Foley High School parking lot and the students were off to class. Thank you Foley for coming out in full force for Tractor Day! You made it fun for me and I look forward to next year!