If you don't live in Sauk Rapids or Foley, you may have never heard of Tractor Day at the local high school. I know I didn't when I first got to town.

I grew up on a farm in rural Alabama. I drove a tractor from the time I was 2 years old until I started my own career path. I had never heard of a Tractor Day until about 2 years ago.

So what exactly is Tractor Day? It is a day the students are allowed to drive their tractors to school. Last year I visited Foley High School for their day and learned there was a little competition between the students at Foley and Sauk Rapids to get the most tractors in the parking lot. Today I went to Sauk Rapids to support the students and get the competition going.

At 7am, Abby - our 98 Country videographer - and I pulled into the parking lot and only had to wait a couple of minutes for the first John Deere to pull in. Five more tractors pulled into the parking lot by 8am and a few students brought their dirt bikes, four wheelers and even a small scooter.

As soon as the scooter arrived, it came out of the back of the truck and was taken for a quick spin around the parking lot. That fun came to a screeching halt when an officer from Sauk Rapids Police came over and told them they couldn't do that. (I don't think the cop wanted to end the fun, he was concerned for safety since the student didn't have a helmet).

All in all I would call it a successful Tractor Day giving planting season is so far behind this year. Most of the students that could have brought a tractor weren't able to have it out of the field for the day.

Get ready Foley High School, Abby and I will be there next Friday for your Tractor Day and we hope to see a ton of tractors in the parking lot!

Here's a video recap of this morning and pictures below!