A tradition like no other. Tractor Day happened in Foley today (May 24th) to celebrate the senior's last day of school. Kids at the high school got to drive in their tractors this morning to celebrate. The parking lot was a sea of Farmall, International Harvester, John Deere, hay racks, side by sides, and American flags.


This year Foley has one of the biggest graduating classes it has had in a while, and it showed in today's turnout. There were so many tractors that rolled in that they had to expand the area they originally roped off for all the equipment.

The students had fun before class got started throwing water balloons, using super-soakers, and spraying silly string at each other. If it is raining and you're already wet, why not enjoy it? Check out photos and video from Foley Tractor Day 2019 in the gallery below! Congrats seniors!

Foley Tractor Day 2019

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