Hi, I'm Abbey and I spend far too much time on TikTok. I was one of the many millennials that downloaded it ironically during the first part of the pandemic and I now check it daily and have even created my own TikToks.

I love that app.

As I was scrolling it yesterday, my "For You" page served me up a TikTok from right here in Central Minnesota. The title was "Things in Central Minnesota That Just Make Sense." This trend is popular with people who are looking to show off small businesses, their homes, farms, and even entire towns. User @alexsteincomedy used it in the town fashion to make this one.

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In the video he introduces the concept by zooming in on Rollie's cow statues in Sauk Rapids, and takes us on a small video tour around the St. Cloud area with stops at Radio City Music Mall, the stone statues in Downtown are labeled as a sort of "Stone Henge", the old Herberger's sign, the digital light post banners, Besser's Bike Barn, and the trailer house turned billboard on 35th Ave NE.

Even though this is a silly piece of TikTok content, I love seeing our home area on social media. I always get the "omg I live there" or "I totally know where that is" feeling and it's something that just doesn't get old. Check out the TikTok for yourself below!

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