Every week I’m searching central Minnesota’s Craigslist for the most inappropriate “Missed Connection”, and offering some advice on how to re-write the ad so they’re not so terrible.

If you ever need a break from the daily craziness of life – check out Craigslist’s thread for Missed Connections for here in central Minnesota. You’re bound to find some hilarious ads from people who have no better way to express their emotions than posting anonymously on the internet. And of course, this week doesn’t disappoint.


Check out this week’s HIGHLY inappropriate Craigslist Missed Connection – and how I feel this person should have written the ad.

Okay wow, I really don't know how to re-write this ad so that it is even remotely appropriate. This "gentleman" is literally starting off looking for a woman in particular - but then changes it to whoever is interested. Pretty sure you don't want to do anything with anyone you meet off Craigslist. It also doesn't give us any clues as to who he is or who he is looking for. Ultimate fail.

Oh, and don't forget the pictures. Because, you know, that's important.

SOURCE: Craigslist

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