Every now and then I like to cruise through the "missed connections" page on Craigslist. It is a place where people go to try to find a person they ran into, but didn't necessarily get any contact information from. This month we had missed connections at McDonald's, Airmaxx, and just the entire area of Sauk Centre. Here are the highlights.

Saturday, 5/18/19... I took my 2 sons (6yo and 10yo) to AirMaxx trampoline park in St. Cloud. The place was packed. I mean it was around 4:15 on a Friday afternoon, chaos!

You: brunette woman, about 5’6” wearing black and red plaid flannel shirt, black leggings, dark colored lift boots. (Maybe you are 5’5”?)

Me: khaki pants, gray hoodie, black chuck taylor converse shoes and a black and gray beanie.

My 2 sons and I stood in line behind you when we arrived. You and I made eye contact a few times once we were inside and kids were jumping. You and I didn’t join in jumping with the kids, just watched. You’re gorgeous and I’d like to get to know you better.


2. Finding love in a Happy Meal at McDonald's in St. Cloud:

U were at McDonald’s off of 94 by the pilot gas station. As you were walking by I told you how pretty you are. You said that you were “all giddy and how happy that made a 48 year old lady”. I should of tried to keep talking to you and I regret not doing so. If you see this and you want to talk, reply with what you ordered!! Hope this works.

let's get together and talk and see where it goes
new friends are always good

That last one is short, sweet, and to the point. Find more Missed Connections from our area and across the state on Craigslist.

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